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The base of gambling is the most ancient of the packs .
All the same all over again in the myths of the gods decided to bait controversy because of the dice .
With the development of modern technology is allowed to assume
What changes were made , and gambling.Mechanical slot machines and
called " one-armed bandits " had no reason as
because of pulling the stick , for a tool to work.
After the season, they have evolved and now
would get to press a button to start playing.
Now this is not a mechanical machine with a small gain ,
a light-fingered machine, computer controlled .Slot machines were transformed by mechanical
machines with a small prize to the most complex machines.
Ran all the work computer.
Moreover, according to his own chip embedded in the present
slot machine is no more difficult than in the old wrist
watch " Casio " , whose value is 300 rubles.
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