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A model review, also called a model walkthrough or a model inspection, is a validation technique in which your modeling efforts are examined critically by a group of your peers.

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You might like to try the following link. It provides guidance, with worked examples, on understanding what the examiner seeks and writing in an academic manner. If in doubt can always ask tutors whether it's advice applies in your discipline and institution.

Properly documenting individual performance and discussing it with your employees throughout the year can help to ensure expectations are understood and that employee development and goal-setting becomes the focus of the appraisal process. (This message about goal setting sounds repetitive but it bears repeating!)

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iResponding to student writing (with grades and/or by making comments) is typically the most demanding part of teaching a W course. But there are ways to make the task more manageable. This section discusses the basic types and methods of grading and provides information about creating grading rubrics. If you’d like information on responding to ungraded writing, see Low-Stakes Writing. You may also find Reducing Time Spent Grading and the Model Rubric and Descriptors helpful.

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W courses must include graded writing; however, while many students are motivated to improve through grades, they also benefit from low-stakes writing, in which there is no grade or one that counts for very little. In fact, some researchers suggest that once a paper is graded, students have little desire or motivation to return to it and so learn very little from feedback provided with graded papers.

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