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FERPA also gives a student the right to block public display of directory information. Schools are required to convey to students which information they classify as directory information and allow students and parents a reasonable amount of time to request that the School not disclose directory information about them (such a request is referred to at Harvard as a "FERPA block"). Those students requesting a “FERPA block” are asked to submit a written request to the Office of the Registrar before September 30 and should be aware of the substantial consequences of the block:

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FERPA (the Family and Educational Rights Act), and its cousin, HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), have become increasingly familiar acronyms steeped in the ethics of protecting privacy and personal information from public and prying eyes.

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However, while most of us have a working understanding about and generally agree with the concepts of student rights to privacy, many instructors find themselves inadvertently violating some of the essential and governing principles of FERPA. More specifically, many writing instructors, working in traditional modes of collecting and returning student writing, often provide opportunities for student privacy to be compromised. For example, leaving student work in boxes, crates, or piles outside our office doors where students can clearly view identified names and grades of other students is a violation of FERPA.

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